Knitting Together: Yarns & Yarns

We share our yarns for knitting along with yarns of our lives across the generations.

Anna is now studying writing at Columbia University in New York City, so we have to follow her yarns from a distance.  We sure are looking forward to seeing her during school vacation breaks.

***Read Anna’s prize-winning short story, Taking Flight in the Summer of 1987for the 2015 WriterHouse / C-ville Weekly contest.***

***Read about Anna’s prize-winning nonfiction story, The Weight of Departure, for the 2014 WriterHouse / C-ville Weekly contest.***


Spinning  yarns … Weaving stories …

…  the English word, text, is derived from the Latin word for weaving, texare, explaining the source of terms like “weaving a story”.
via Weaving mythology – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, June 21, 2014