Anna, our Director Emerita, is now a freshman at Columbia University in New York City where she is pursuing her love of creative writing and comparative literature!

AnnaAs a junior at Charlottesville High School, Anna developed a passion for knitting and embellishing hats and a conviction that these hats should go to those who need them most in the city of Charlottesville and its surrounding environs.  As a consequence, Knitting Together Charlottesville was launched as she, her mother, her grandmother, and their friend Nancy began knitting hats in earnest and reaching out to schools, the UVa hospitals, and other organizations in need of a little warmth from the newly-founded knitting circle.

Mira helping to knit

One of Anna’s passions while in Charlottesville was her volunteer work with the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA where she adopted the three cats who are an integral part of our team:  Minne, Mira, and Leo.  Who better to ensure that our yarns are of the best quality and that our hats are knitted to perfection than three experts in the field?!  We encourage anyone in need of a furry companion (or two!) to consider adopting from the SPCA.  Our local branch can be found here:

While we miss Anna very much (and spend quite a bit of time counting down the days until she is home for various breaks and holidays), we continue to soldier on and are grateful to Anna for encouraging us to band together to spread the warmth in Charlottesville!