Thank you, Denise at Loom a Hat!

prize5Thrilled does not even come close to describing how happy we are that Nancy has been recognized for her kindness, her incredible generosity towards so many in our Charlottesville community, and her amazing loom-knitting talents by being chosen for the 2014 Loving with Looms Award! At the same time, the entire “Knitting Together” team has been absolutely delighted by the recognition the group as a whole has received, both during the award process but also in the days that have followed. We’ve been honored to receive a number of messages from people from around the country providing words of support and inspiration and asking us what they can do to help us with our ongoing mission.

The attached picture is of the core “Knitting Together” team (from left to right: Anna, Susi, Nancy, and Ruth). We had just opened the box of goodies you sent and, as you can imagine, we had immediately started planning what do with this wonderful infusion of loom-knitting supplies! Now on our agenda are some Valentine’s Day hats and eventually some Easter hats (we’ve just learned how to make bunny ears!) – and of course, in the coming months we’ll be diligently checking the Loom-a-Hat site for any guidance and tips you may have for us. By the way, our hats are off (quite literally!) to the inventor of those yarn sleeves—what an incredible invention they are!

Thank you, again, for honoring all of us in this way–we are truly excited!