Pre-kindergarten students at Jackson-Via are receiving their Knitting Together cozy hats this week.

Kt hats at Jackson-Via

Lots of excitement as Jackson-Via pre-kindergarteners choose their new Knitting Together hats!

We hope all kids in Charlottesville are warm and cozy this winter.

Congratulations, Anna!

We enjoyed reading Anna’s prize-winning nonfiction story for the WriterHouse / C-ville Weekly contest!

Anna Hennigan

Though she’s only 16 years old, youth category winner Anna Hennigan is no stranger to storytelling. “My parents used to read to me before I could talk, and when I was two or three I started babbling stories to myself to fall asleep,” she said. “When I got older I started writing them down.”Hennigan grew up in Connecticut and spent half-days at an art school for creative writing. Her winning essay, “The Weight of Departure,” was the first she wrote after moving to Charlottesville last year.

via True story: Winners of our nonfiction contest found inspiration in their own lives.